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June 17 2017

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It had not been easy for her to regain her self-control after she heard Digna Pardo's shriek in the patio and found the old man of her life dying in the mud. Her first reaction was one of hope, because his eyes were open and shining with a radiant light she had never seen before. She prayed to God to give him at least a moment so that he would not go without knowing how much she had loved him despite all their doubts, and she felt an irresistible longing to begin life with him over again so that they could say what they had left unsaid and do everything right that they had done badly in the past. But she had to give in to the intransigenceof death. [...]
— "Love in the Time of Cholera", Gabriela Garcia Marquez
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Fermina Daza was in the kitchen tasting the soup for supper when she heard Digna Pardo's horrified shriek and the shouting of the servants and then of the entire neighborhood. She dropped the tasting spoon and tried her best to run despite the invincible weight of her age, screaming like a madwoman without knowing yet what had happened under the mango leaves, and her heart jumped inside her ribs when she saw her man lying on his back in the mud, dead to this life but still resisting death's final blow for one last minute so that she would have time to come to him. He recognized her despite the uproar, through his tears of unrepeatable sorrow at dying without her, and he looked at her for the last and final time with eyes more luminous, more grief-stricken, more grateful than she had ever seen them in half a century of a shared life, and he managed to say to her with his last breath:
'Only God knows how much I loved you.'
— Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "Love in the Tine of Cholera"
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April 24 2017

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Like Icarus before him

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April 04 2017

 [....] if just being born is the greatest act of creation. Then what are you suppose to do after that? Isn't everything that comes next just sort of a disappointment? Slowly entropy-ing until we deflate into a pile of mush?
— Finn, "Adventure Time. Astral Plane"
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July 08 2015

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July 03 2015

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July 02 2015

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June 30 2015

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Destiny Buck, of the Wanapum tribe, rides her mare, Daisy, in the yearly Indian princess competition in Pendleton, Oregon. Embraced first for war, hunting, and transport, horses became partners in pageantry and a way to show tribal pride.
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